Letting the past go.

daddy's poems

Letting the past go.

I just wanted to say

I loved seeing your

Face even if it was

Only for a short

Time it was still

So good to see

Your face. I

Know we’ve had

Our differences in the

Past but the past is the

Past there’s no going

Back. The hardest

Thing for me as always

Been saying goodbye

To you and even though

It’s still hard to do. I now see

Very clearly that it’s

Nowhere near as hard

As the thought of never

Seeing your face again.

I know I use to get upset with

You when I was little

That I only got to see you for

One or two days at a time. But

Now I understand and see very

Clearly you only did that so I could

All the things I have today. if it wasn’t

For all that time you spent working

Off and for that I’ll be forever grateful

To you and mom for giving up your lives in a way

Maybe even your hopes and dreams

To make sure I always have all I ever need.

I can never express in words what

That means to me I’m honored and

Blessed to be called your daughter!!!

Even if I only get to see you for a few

Days at a time that’s okay the joy of getting

Touch you and hold you again.

Your touch, hugs, and all those

Things can never be replaced!!!!

To give me!!! I love you for forever and always!!!


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