a very merry christmas


this year has brought some majior suprizes some good bad happy, and sad. but we can't never expect any less because we never know what each day will bring from one day until the next. even though we've loss some people over these past few years that we miss more then i'll ever be able to epress they're with us in our hearts every single day their love and their sprits will leave us in anyway. i've learned alot about myself this year i've learn that i'm alot stronger then anybody expected me to be just because somebody in my family might think i'm a bad person doesn't mean i am what others say about me doesn't matter because knows who kind of person i am!! i know if god didn't want me here or think i deserved to be here i wouldn't be i just want to say merry christmas from my family to yours!!! i hope your lives are filled with joy, love and blessed for many more years to come! mostly i thank god for letting me live this long! i love you all!!!

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