She wouldn’t be her

mom's poems

She wouldn’t be her

My mom is the

Best mom anybody

Or ask for!!! But

She get upset

Over little things

That don’t me

Anything really

I can be having

The best day

And she can get upset

Over something and it

Pulls me down

Ruining everything

I understand life

Has never been easy

For her and  taking

Child of somebody like

Isn’t or never will

Be a walk in the

Park for anything

I just wish god

Would take all her

Pain and anger

She deals with


And let it disappear

Forever let it be

A memory a

Lesson we’ll never


And live is

Happy blessed bliss.

I know in my heart

She wouldn’t be my mom

If she didn’t ill at me

At least once a day it must

Be a mother thing.

Aug 24th 2009

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