forthood tragedy

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Fort hood tragedy As I was watching TV The other day Thinking it had beenA pretty day all theSmiles around. Then I listen as The new tells the Horrifying details ofHow one of the armyOpen fire on a goodMany of his own. He was an army man He was suppose to be Helping us fight for ourCounty and our freedom Not turning on his fellow Man. Or forever givingThem nightmares of themHaving to watch him Kill their friendsRight before their  Eyes. Showing No emotions Of how he foreverChanged many people livesThat day that will always be with Them in some way or other No matter how hard they tryTo put it all behind a part of it Will be with them. I think that peopleWho can openly kill others withoutShowing no emotions have no soul.I think we’ve  had enough  tragedies in this world we don’t Need anymore.11/9/09

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