The end of one journey


The end of one journey

When I think about the

Day you were born it seems

Like yesterday in many ways One thing is for sure  I will always treasure the memories we made when we played during our summer together!

You’ve always had  and will have a special

Place in my heart! So much

Has happened since You were little

Some good, bad, happy, and sad. But just remember

All the bad and sad That happens you as helped turn you into the strong beautiful young woman you are today! Follow Your dreams always never back down  From doing something you  have faith in. always say  I can to yourself and  I don’t care what others may say to discourage me I can anything as long as I forever believe in my heart I can!! I know you’ll probably go to collage get a job find a man If you don’t have one secretly hope I’ll hear from you once and awhile no matter what I’ll always feeling blessed for all the memories we’ve shared with one another I look forward to all the memories we’ll make in days to come! I love you forever and always!  I’m proud of you in everything you’ve accomplished so far there’s no doubt I will continue to be proud of you for days to come! Most

Of all I’ll be forever proud to call you my cousin!


Blaire Nichole Williams from LORY DAWN LITTLE

MAY 20TH 2009,

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