seizure free

Seizure free

As soon as say

My seizures is getting

Better they take a

Wrong turn and I have 3 within a few

Days  feeling like another

their might a change to come

from me.I get so mad at myself

And depressed I tell myself

I want to be normal for once

Even if it were just for a day

I would love to be able to

Experience what it’s like

To be able to walk and

Do all the things everybody

My age does have a job

At least to be seizure

Free to find some

Meds that forever

Take my seizures away

So  I can get my memorial tattoos

And do all the things

I’ll never get to because of disability

I’m not saying this for pity I’m saying it

Because I really don’t know how many more of

These seizures I can take

May 16th 2009

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