I guess I was wrong

I guess I was wrong

I had always thought

When we reach adulthood

You were your own boss

And you could forever

Make your choices

For the rest of your life.

But apparently I had  it

All wrong. I know and

Understand everybody

Has rules to fallow

Throughout our lives

In this crazy world

We  live in and that’s okay

But I thought I would get

To choose when I go to bed

But from now on I have

No  say in my life at all

I feel like from here on out

I’m robot and I no say so

In Anything anymore.

Mom stays up  late

At night why can’t I? and

Sleep all morning like

She does I understand

Uncle hub loves us and

We love him very  much too

We’d do anything in the world

For him we wish nothing bad

For  him   NEVER!!!! I just feel

Like them putting on a schedule

Has taken what little inpendence

I did have  is forever gone it’s

Not like I had   much anyway

I’m just mainly tired of uncle

Lectures of him telling mom and

What we should and  shouldn’t do

But yet everybody seems to think

All I care about is me

And that’s so not true

I don’t like the lectures

We get from him

Hurts me so bad cause I love him

So much!

July 16th 2009

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