The hearts breaks

The hearts breaks

I have been teased

Since I was little

About my weight

By my uncle and my

Cousin. They teased

Me about so much

At one point I said

Okay they want

Me to loose weight

I will I don’t care

What it takes.  So

For many years until

Recently I was eating

One meal a day

Even though I knew

That wasn’t healthy

For me I didn’t care

At that point I just

Wanted to  stop

Getting teased.

And today I was telling

Uncle hub I’ve discovered

You can eat what you want

And still loose weight

I said I have he said

How you know when’s the

Last time you weighted?

You won’t ever loose any

Weight I said you’re stupid

For saying that to me and

Mom got mad at me.

I told my uncle what hurts

The  most about is the more

Respect he makes to me the

More respect I loose for him

I love him and I always will

But I can’t look at him the

Same ever again!

May 3th 2009

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