I’m a good person

I’m a good person

Today started out

To be like a normal

Day for  us.  I was nervous

Out of my mind thinking

All the things he might or

Might not say  either way

The thoughts were running

Me crazy. On the way there

My cell ring mom said

Not to answer it if were

My niece I don’t think

I can put up with her

Today so I didn’t answer

But she  kept calling

Back anyway. I couldn’t

Talk it any longer my niece

Ask mom if she would run by

And get her on our way home

Mom said yes I guess. She said lorry

This is all your fault this wouldn’t

Happening if you hadn’t picked

Up your phone.  It turned into chaos

Beyond believe she blamed it all

On me. Made me look like the bad

Guy in the story made comments

About my daddy and my friends

Just to hurt me. All I was trying to say

Is it’s okay for her to tell my niece

No but she doesn’t think so she

Said I just wanted my daddy and

Friends to feel sorry for me and that’s

So not true I like talking to them about stuff

Cause they listen to me whether they

Agree with me or not. She said

I’m jealous of my niece but

All I was trying to make my mom is it’s okay

To say NO I need a break for a few days

Aug 4th 2009

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