A grandmother's Love

A grandmother Love

My grandmother has always

Been very special to me.

And she always will be!

I know she had a hard

Time rising one of her kids that I know of the rest of them just went through rebellious stages as we all do  I know in my heart She did she best she could and Just hoped they’d turn out to be

A good person inside! Even though

One made some bad choices

Some good came from them too

I would like to think some of grandmother’s good heart  is in  the daughter that made some mistakes throughout her life. I like to believe that my grandmother Is part of the reason I’ve had the life I have today! My grandmother has always said my grandchildren mean the world to me there’s no doubt in my mind that’s the truth! She’s never let us doubt Ourselves she makes me smile and laugh even if it hurts the other person  to put her baby in my grandmother’s custody she’s did her with no regrets because she knew being with her

Is the best thing for that baby at this point in his life.  She has helped me find myself in a way and she has helped me see that there’s good in the place I can’t from  Even though I don’t claim the person I came  From it’s because of her that I love my parents Even  me more now  more then ever before even though they’re not blood related to me they’ll always be mom and dad to me so thanks for all the things you’ve taught and helped me see that I was a blessing to many  people because of you I’m not ashamed  of all the blood I came from and I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re proud you’re our grandmother and we’re very proud to be your grandchildren!! We love you always!!!

Sept 14th 2009

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