It’s just the way it is

It’s just the way it is

Mom and my

Uncle really love

Me I know they do

But some of the

Remarks they get

To me really

Break me

Down break my soul

Down so far I think

I can’t take anymore

But I always seem

To prevail by the grace

Of god. I  know they

Don’t mean these

They say but it

Sometimes comes

Across in a very

Hurtful way.

I don’t see why

They have to get

At me for dropping

Things and breaking things?

When they know I

Didn’t mean too in the

First place broken things

Can be replaced but people can’t

Or so I was taught maybe

They can who knows

I know in my heart

They only reason

They get mad at

The fact I have cp

And they get angry

At themselves because

They can’t cure me  in

Someway magically

If I’ve learned one

Thing it’s anger

Never solves


That’s just how

My life is and always will


April 1st 2009

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