Guys know when they wrong

Guys know when they wrong

I feel like I must have

Sign on my forehead

That says hurt lory

It’s okay she have doesn’t

Any feelings anyway.

Guys know when they

Do something wrong yet they act

Like they do no wrong

And make us feel like

We’re the ones to blame.

They sometime make us

Feel like if  we hadn’t say

This or that maybe it

Wouldn’t  happened like that

Or maybe he’d choose me instead

Of her.  I just feel so stupid for falling

Into his I’m a good guy game  It’s funny

I ask him how would he feel if he

Were me? He couldn’t really answer

Me then he said I’d okay with it

I’d be upset but I’d be your

Friend until the end. I said

To myself keep telling yourself

That if it makes you feel better

About dirty you did me.

Feb 23rd 2009  

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