God has looked out for us

God has looked out for us

Apparently we are

Truly for  all here

As part of god’s

Plan for reasons

We’ll never come

To understand  

And I say this because

Over the years as long

As we’ve lived  here

A storm as never

Tried to hurt us

Or any of those we

Love.  Thank god  

And all his angels

For watching  over us

And keeping our

Family  and those

We consider family

Safe. I  hate to hear

Of anybody getting

Hurt in  storm  loosing

Lives or anybody but

I’m so thankful that

Made the storms head

In another direction

And town. Those people

That no  longer have a home

And things to go home too

I wish I could move my hands

And fix everything that was lost or broken

In the storms  today we just

Have to remember those that

Lost their lives today god needed them

More somewhere else outside of here

We know has much bigger plans for them

We’ll ever know probably thank you

For protecting us keep us safe and  always

Blesses with your love

And grace.

April 10th 2009

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