I wish I could

I wish I could

I wish I could feel good

About myself but  I know

That will probably  never

Happen. With the comments

That has been made about

My weight by a certain

Family member who I’ll

Let remain nameless even though this person has made an effort to show me how much

He loves me that doesn’t

Make his  comments about

My weight  away the

Words play over and over

Again in my  head everyday!

As  hard as  I’ve tried to

Forever block them out  I can’t  seem to  

Make them go away  and just look at it as another day. guess his thoughts use to mean a lot to me at one  point and time  because the amount of respect I had for him

until my weight become a big deal to him around the age of a 11. I just don’t see myself  as beautiful anymore and believe that I am  

And will forever be beautiful as long I believe I am

are so that’s what my parents and great friends

Tell me everyday but I know we have

ace our own demons and I guess my weight is

One of many of mine. That I’ll probably forever struggle

In this life!

May 22nd 2009

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