We all get lost someday!

mom's poems

We all get lost someday!

Some days

We get up and

Think okay

It’s going to be a

Great day! Then

We find out we

Were anything

But right about

That.  When I see

My loved ones in

Any kind of pain

I just want to help

Them forget about

About the pain

Whether it’s

Making jokes, being

Sarcastic, or just anything to

Take away the pain.

But they become angry with you

For trying to help them

Feel better. They think

You’re picking at them

And trying to get smart

With them. I said to myself

Ok I tried everything I’m

Tired of them thinking

I don’t care how they’re

Feeling because I do

I love them more then

I could ever put into

Words even when

She gets angry at

Others and begins

To vent on me

She’ll always be my mom

And I’ll never stop loving her!!!!!!!!!!

March 9th 2009

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