Is it wrong?

Is it  wrong?

I believe everything’s

Happens for a reason

Even though some

Things we’ll never

Understand as to why

These kinds of things

Happen and I know we’re

Suppose too. I know I was

Born with CP because that’s

Way god wanted it to be

And that’s fine be me.

Rarely but some days

I ask myself is it selfish

Of me to not want to

Have CP or seizures

Any longer? I know

That’s a lot of people

In this world who’s

Much worse shape then

I  could ever be. Is it really

Wrong of me to want to wake’

Up someday and be free so

To speak. To be able to

Get up out of my own bed,

To get dressed by without

Any help, to walk around

By myself. To wish that

My mom had CP and not me

Since openly admitted to me that

She did drugs while she was

Pregnant with me in

Some ways I feel like

I’m being punished

For her mistakes

Instead of me.

Jan 26th 2009

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