Happy 65th birthday mom!

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Happy 65th birthday mom!

I wish that I could give everything you ever

Wanted in life! I wish things was easy for you always

So you’d never get stressed or depressed. I wish I had the power to change many things for like finding the man you will forever love I won’t  say his name because I love you and respect you in more way then  I could ever  begin to express on this page! I  wish I take all

the pain you experience  every single day! I know I’ve say things in the heat of  moment that has cut

though your heart like  a knife cutting through

A bone! I’m sorry if I could I would take it all back

and find  a different way To react. People tell me

You’e given up your whole life to take care of me I want you

To know If i could give you all the time and  fun in life

You might have missed taking care of me

I will get it back in a heartbeat.

Thanks  for taking me in and making

Me feel like one of your own, loving

ee unconditionally even when I act

Like Witch with a capital B! for

Always having hope for me

When some thought you were

Crazy. I know you won’t live

Forever none of us will

But I hope you live to

See me happy with somebody

If I meant to be with somebody

That is so you won’t worry

About me after you’re gone!

Either way I’m thankful for

Every day I get to way up to

See your face. I’m  blessed

More each day I get to know

Such a beautiful person

With such gracious heart like

Yours but most I’m

Blessed forever to

Be called your daughter!


Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

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