Happy mother’s day! to all the moms on earth!

mom's poems

Happy mother’s day!

We’ll  never be able to

Say thank you enough

Even though our

Mothers sometimes

Get on our  nerves

All I know all

Parents are going

To butt heads with

Their children that’s

Natural I guess from

Time to time no matter

What age we become

And grow up and move

On our own they’ll

Still going give us their

Thoughts on what we’re

Doing wrong or right in our lives

But no matter how old we become they’ll forever see us as that little kid they were in labor for many hours our with or agree to take us in their home

And call us One of their own

No matter how angry they

Get at us or how mad we

Get at them we know

Our mothers they’ll

Always be there for us

Never abandon us  

Most of being a mother

Isn’t about blood it’s

About who’s willing

To take on that role and show children

The love and compassion

Every child in this world

Deserves! Happy mother day to all

The mothers in this world who

Deserves the title being called a mother! With all my love and blessings

May 11th 2009

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