Happy new year 2009!


Happy new year!

Raise your hands

High into the sky

And say yay we made

In through 2008!

Even though it was

A struggle each

And every day

We made with

Good graces.

Even though

We’re all

Upset about

How the economy

And prices of things

Has changed.

All we can do is hope

For a better future

In 2009! Hope our

New president will

End this war and

Bring our soldiers

Home! We all

Know things are

Probably going to get worse

Before they get

Better! The one

Thing we can forever

Be proud of is that

No matter how bad

Things might seem now. We’re

Blessed everyday that

We get to live in a

Free country

And we need not

Take that for

Granted. So

Happy new year to

You! May god

Bless you with

More then you could

Ever have begin to hope


Jan 1st 2009

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