I know all moms’ worry

I know all moms’ worry

I know every

Good parent worries

About how they’ll

Ever manage

To make it

Past a fork

In the road.

But as I’ve  

Come to learn

There’s ways

To make it

Around every

Major fork we

Face in this

Road we’ve  labeled as

Life we travel down

Every single day.

Even though there’s

Always gong to be

Some struggles in life

Along the way I believe

We’ll all prevail if we

Never give up or

Back down

From all the forks

That might come Our way. We just have

To say it’s going to be Okay we can handle Anything it could Be much worse

At least we have a

Place to lay our heads

And a place we can call

Home. So I don’t understand why mom

Has to stress over some things

It doesn’t help Anything.

Everything Turns out like it’s meant

Too in the end!  

Dec 29th 2008

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