The little inside me

The little inside me

I use to think it wasn’t

In me to think it wasn’t

In me to express my

Feelings about things

That upset me or

Subjects that I had

Strong feelings

Toward. I learned

To speak up or you’ll

Never be seen or

Heard or be thought

Of as somebody

Who can stand on their own

2 Feet and overcome

All the things life can

Put on your plate.

I started to see

That if I never

Changed and stayed

The same.  I would forever

Be seen as one who is afraid,

Weak never going accomplish

Anything mom and dad would

Always be there to save me from the

World’s pain  and make everything okay.

Knowing deep down I needed to let the

Little girl out who’s always wanted to be freed

Instead of keep her locked away afraid to let

Express her thoughts because she was afraid

Of how others might see  her as a person.

But now the girl inside me is free, happy,  

Never afraid to say what she thinks.

If people get mad at the girl inside

Me they’ll get over it soon enough

And if they don’t it’s okay it’s

Not the end of the world.

Mainly I’ve learned it’s

Okay to be who I am.

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