Float away

Float away

Mom hasn’t been  

Feeling lately

Because her doctor

Gave her some new

Meds to try and take

Away some of her pain.

But it did no such thing

It  just made sick and

A zombie everyday she

Don’t like living this way

I try to let  uncle put me to

Bed and things of that

Natural. Along with

Trying to more on my

Own. I try to do one little

Thing by myself I spilled

Something everywhere on

Accident  and she says I don’t

Do nothing but messed up

Things. It has taken me

Awhile to a just even though

I don’t like change I’m trying

To best to do what everybody!

I know mom loves me

With all her heart

And she  wouldn’t

Those things to hurt

Internally because

She loves but on

Days like today I

Find   myself

It’ll be better

If I could float away and disappear

Like I  was never here  but I  know

That’s cowardly talk and I need to forget

All that and enjoy life!

Aug 9 2009

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