Her daddy’s tears

Her daddy’s tears

Ever since my cousin

Confess to her daddy

Got depressed and started

Taking them pain pills again

You can see him crying

Himself to sleep at night.

Mainly because he

Thought that just

Maybe one of his

Daughters was on the

Right path of making

Herself a great life.

She has never seemed

Like the type to let pills to

Take her life.  You can

Tell that he never thought

She was going be of those

That needed a number of pills

Just to get her through the day.

I can bet she thought I’ll

Just take them a couple of times

To help me cope with failing

Nobody will ever know

And I’m not a drug addict

I’ll be able to go off them anytime

I like but as she has found it’s so

Not that easy. Her daddy will

Probably never come to understand

She went down this path when has  

A good life. But pain pills probably

The pain she doesn’t want to ever

Face. The one thing I would like my

Cousin to know is  she’s a strong person for

Admitting she’s needs help

And for facing this demon

Head on instead of

Taking pills everyday

For the rest of her life

Dec 10th 2008

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