A mother you’ll never be!

A mother you’ll never be!

I wasn’t trying to start anything

When I responded to the

Questions you were asking

Me. I just felt bad for not

Giving you nothing more

Then one word answers for

2 years or more. Something

Told me not to even try to have a

Conversation with you but

but I thought I’ll try

You got mad at me because

I said I still talk to my daddy

Regularly which is crazy.

You have no say in how I

Choose to live my life.

You gave up that right

24 and half years ago I don’t

Have to tell you

Anything about

My life but I was

Trying to be nice.

I  believe the reason

You said I have no life

fake friends and  so on is because

   You can’t stand the

Fact that you choose

Your man or me and

The fact that you did drugs

While you were carrying me

gave me CP.  You

Think it’s hard for me

To live and enjoy life daily

But trust it’s not.

in you mind

You sometimes wish

i had died I believe god gave

Me life not you  I believe god

Let me live so

You’d have to forever

Live with the bad decisions

You made in your past life

Oct 15 2008

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