Being in prison

Being in prison

As I watch these

Prison shows

That comes  

On tv they

Always go on

Forever about

How they never

Killed anybody

Until that one night

And they killed them

Before they had time

To realize it wasn’t right

Because they were high.

They talk  about how prison

Isn’t fun I’m thinking

You made the choice

To get put in there

For what ever reason.

Prison isn’t suppose

To be a day at the

Park. You’re suppose

To learn not to do

The same things

Over again that

Put you there in

The first place

And regret

The choices

You made every single

That put you there.

Yet most don’t they

Say I might be back I might

Not. But I guess it’s hard

For some to let go of

The criminal life

When for most inmates

That’s all they’ve ever


Dec 27th 2008  

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