The more I try the more I fail.

The more I try the more I fail.

I thought today was

Going to be better

Then yesterday

Since 2 of my friends

Came by to visit

And mom said the

Doctor said everything

Looked okay as far

As she can tell they’d

Have her test in a few days.

She did tell mom that

She has bad nerve

Damage in one of her

Hands I feel like I’m to blame

For that if I had come into my

Parents they would probably

Like they were 20 after all that

Years they wouldn’t have

Struggled and nearly killed themselves

Into the ground to make I had a

Good life. Mom gets tired

And ill at times.  I try

To help her forget


Nut all she’ll say is

Just get away and leave me

Along I want to help her

Feel better and thoughts

But I can’t if she won’t let me

Sept 25th 2008

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