I should’ve told them

I should’ve told  them

I know great

Parent worries

About their children a lot

But I know my parents

Probably worry about me

Even more  then usual because I’m disabled.

They would never say that but

I can sense it in their words. I

Know they worry about certain

People trying to take the things

They left for me when they’re

Call to be with god on that

Special day! I know it was

Real hard for them to hear

Me tell them my birth mom

Basely admit her wild actions

Is the main reason I have

Cp. I can mom tell sits and thinks

About it sometime and she probably

Says it’s so unfair that

My daughter has to suffer

For another’s mistake

I can tell she gets angry

About the fact that I’m going

Always need help with certain

Things and I get angry about

It too at moments. But I know

Deep down getting angry

About my disability is going

To change anything or make

Me magically walk tomorrow.

If I knew anger would cure me of

Cp I’d stay angry till I got rid of my

Cp.  Looking  back I wished I’d never

Told them any of the things my birth

Mom said  to me. I feel kind of responsible

For my birth mom actions in a way

I feel like if I hadn’t

Said yes to meeting

Her when I was 17 teen

None of this would’ve

Ever taken place!

It wasn’t an easy choice for me

Because I knew she would probably

Cause problems for me but I did

It only so I’d learn my family

History. Deep down I know

I’m not responsible for my

Birth mom’s actions but

I kind feel like I am in a way

Oct 29th 2008

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