Change lane

Change lane

Is a movie that

Surprised me


I have to say.

It makes a

Good point

About how

The police

Can over look

Something if a determined

Citizen doesn’t push it

With all their might

And force the police

To admit that they’re

Not perfect and even they

Can sometimes make

Mistakes. When the

Evidence turns up

To solves the case

And even though

99% of the time

The news of a missing

Child isn’t what they hoped

To hear after all this time

If the child isn’t alive

The parent can rest

Peaceful  that the

Person who took

Their child’s life

Is going to be

Behind bars for the

Rest of that life

Or sentenced to

Death on the bright

Side. I think this movie

Has a great lesson in it

For everybody. And that

Lesson is don’t ever

Back down from

Something when you

Feel in your

Heart is right

Probably is right if

It feels that right.

Dec 27th 2008

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