This computer isn’t my whole life!!!

This computer isn’t my whole life!!!

For the life of me I just can’t

Understand why?  a lot of people  

Think when you’re disabled or

Become disabled you have no life.

Just because I’ve Made a few life long friends

Online some think this computer is my

Whole life when the Truth is its not even close To being my whole life. It’s Just a little hobby in my life.  Yes I get on it everyday

So I’ll never forget what my daddy

Taught me about it and it’ll forever stay apart of my

Memory. Just because  I’m a strong independent

Woman who doesn’t

Feel she needs to have a man

To survive in life.

  Yes I do like having

Conversation with guys.

But I like being single

In a way for the most part

Because I can talk

Too who I want too

Without having to worry

Is that going to make

My boyfriend angry

With you. And most of all

I don’t have to split the

Cost of our date with them If I’m not

In a relationship with them.

I’m just not into  the whole dating

Scene I’d rather just stay home and mind my

Own that way nobody  Can excuse me of

Doing or saying something if I wasn’t

There in the first place! My whole life has always

My parents and the people I know love me as much as do them!

Jan 3rd 2008

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