Sleep peacefully

Sleep peacefully

Horror movies has always

Fun for me to see and

Probably always will be!

Jason was around for

A decade or then he died

And they said it was real

This time he wouldn’t raise

From the dead anymore

We know no matter what they

Said Jason will always return

For more he did just that on

Fri 13th 2009 we found out if

We look in a mirror something

Bad will happen to you and

You might see the next day

Don’t go to any house that’s

The  last house on the left with

A lake if you plans the following

Day. Never say I wish I had a

Valentine anymore

Or you might get

Then you ask for you might get a valentine

That loves the taste of blood and getting all bloody

Don’t ever think ghost aren’t

Real all you have to do is watch

The hunting in Connecticut you’ll

Believe that ghost are real forever

Because you can’t deny a true story

So sleep peacefully forever more

May 24th 2009

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