Why does he?

Why does he?

He amazes me how

He promised to better

This country how things

Would get better if we’d

Vote him into office.

But I realize as many

Other do by now.

That nobody has ran

For president now or

Future will ever truly

Mean what they said.

They just find ways

For us all to believe

Their lies and promises

Until they get their

Precious little seat in that

Presidential chair then

They’re saying haha they bought

It they voted me in I

Don’t have to stand by

Nothing I’ve promised

Or said to them. I don’t know

Why bush makes speeches

Anymore because nobody

Cares about anything he has

To say anymore any way

I’ll say that he’s probably

99% of the reason our country

Is in the shape it’s in right now!

Sept 24th 2008

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