You can tell

You can tell

My cousin have been trying

To help to best they can

And we appreciate

More then we’ll ever

Be  able to express.

But I’ve learned

The hard way

That you can

Tell when somebody

Loves you  by the

Sound of their

Voices or

The look in their

Eyes. I know

My cousins are

Trying to help

Make things around here

Easier for us it does in

In  a way  but  mom  still

Has to hold me up

While my cousins pulls

My clothiers down and that

Hurt her just as bad

As picking me up

So either way she goes

It still hurts no matter what.

And they get a break from the lifting

And stuff but mom and I never

Get a break from it .  it’s not

Like people with a disability

Can wake up and say okay

I don’t want be disabled

Anymore mom and dad

Get my point it’s not like

Mom and I can ever run

From it but they can  run away

From it anytime they want

It’s never going away for us

And I wish they would see that more

Then anything my cousin just makes it

Seem her helping us comes off as a bad


July 22nd 2009

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