He feels likes it’s his fault

He feels likes it’s his fault

I had a little

Accident at

The beginning

Of this Monday through

Friday week. When I fell

Of out my new house

Lift. To tell you the

Truth I expect nothing less

Of me. I’m always doing

Something crazy but there’s

Never a boring day

With me I just

About can gurante

That. So what If I broke

My nose and got my eye

Sewed up. The bright side is

I didn’t die . Even though

I know my uncle and mom

Probably would secretly

Love to kill me at times

Because most of jokes

They take the wrong way

But I have to say mom seems

To be getting better with my jokes.

I jokingly told them no matter

How hard they try I just won’t die

Because I’ll never go down without

A good battle fight. The cool

Thing for me is maybe just maybe

I’ll have some cool looking scars

From this ordeal

July 25th 2008

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