If this isn’t real


If this isn’t real

Just when I

Thought my heart

Was broken forever

You came along

And healed it

With you love

And continue to do

So every second of

Day! I remember

The first day we chatted.

I was thinking  if only  he were

Available  I better stay away from him

I’ll be flirting with him and

Forget that he’s taken. So I tried

But it didn’t work all I knew

Is I wanted to know you and be your

Friend and kiss you  for forever As each day passes

I love you more and more as the days passes on!

For the first in my life I think I found somebody

That loves  me as much I do him! But if all this

Isn’t real please don’t ever wake me I want to

Dream about his touch and kisses forever more!

Jul  12, 2009

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