I don’t know.?

I don’t know.

I use to respect

You a lot I think of  you

As kind of a second

Dad at one time. But

The comments you’ve

Made to me in the past and lately

you Killed all the respect

And love I once had

For you. I know you’ve

Had some hard times in your

Life these past few years with

One of your best friends getting killed

By a drunk driving. You use to call

All the heavy set women in the family fat.

I know guys look at women different then

Then they do men being over weight. But you telling us  We’re were fat didn’t help our self esteem

And made us self conscious

About our bodies in many ways but

That’s okay I let that go.

When you ask me what

Are you going to do when

Your mom can’t lift you

Any longer? When I told you I

Didn’t know I live for today and

Never think about to tomorrow because

  Tomorrow may never come. Still

You kept pressing the question I

Know you might only trying to help

Us. But not many people understand

What mom and going through daily you say

You feel my pain  That’s why you were trying to think of  A way to help us but you’re going about it the Wrong way. When you press questions like

That on me it makes me think. If I hadn’t

Came along maybe mom and daddy would

Be in better health if it wasn’t for me.

Or t maybe me coming into this family

Was just a bad mistake in the first place.

Nov 11th 2008

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