We’re all disabled in our special way!

We’re all disabled in our special way!

Hope is all we have

When you think about

Hope is what we live

Off of each and everyday

Hoping god will let live to see

Another day! With hope

That someday we’ll

Find out what our calling in life

Is and why  some of us need more

Help with things more then.

We hope that someday

We’ll be free of our disabilities

And people will look

Past all our differences

And see us as human being.

People sometimes tend

To forget god made with

The same hands as he did everybody else

So what if some of us don’t

Get the hang of things

As fast as others.

The littlest things

Can make some flip

Into a bi polar mode

Or some of us have really bad

Anxiety moments they

Can cause jackel and hide mode

As well! What I’m trying to say

Is all of us is disabled in our

Special ways but our family

And love us just the


July 3rd 2008

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