Vampire turned home town hero

Vampire turned  home town hero

There was once this boy named

Troy who was always

Getting lectured about

The things he said, the

Jokes he told how nothing

He said ever said sounded  like a

Joke but he swore it was. That

Was his way of dealing

With the fact that he was

Born into this convent  

Vampire he loved

His family and they loved

Him just the same

He just didn’t understand why

All the kids gave

Him a hard time because

He never saw himself as weird  

More like unique.

He knew he was

Blessed with great

Powers, powers others

Only dreamed of having. But no

Matter how nice tried

To be to everybody

Hoping they would

Eventually see him

As one of them even

Though he knew he

Would never probably be one of them

He wanted to be accepted more then anything.

He thought of committing

Suicide but he loved his

Family too much to end his life

So he walked outside one night.

To see this man had cuffed this girl

Up and chains around her legs

And was telling her to do

Very degrading for him or

She was going to die.

As the girl started

Doing what the man ask.

Troy saw this and he used his powers

To scare the evil man

Away! Since that day

Everybody sees him as a

Hero. Nobody ever questioned

The kind of person he was

From that day forward he was

Just troy to them

accepted in every way!

June 18th 2008

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