We only have one!

daddy's poems

We only have one!

We all tell people

How much our dad means

To us and love how they

Care for us how they always there

For us! Through the good, bad,

Happy and sad! But I truly mean

That. My dad didn’t have to adopt me

Take me into his life but he did regardless

Of my disability. He was determined not be

Doubt my intelligence just because I need help

With a few things everyday! He and mom

Were determined was going to have to the

Same chances as everybody else do

I’ll never be to express how much that

Will forever mean to me!  Don’t

Get me wrong my dad has made some

Mistake done some crazy things

But I’ve forgiven him for

Everything.  Regardless

What has happened between us

My love for him will always

Win over all!

Some people I know have

Seem to forgotten that we only

Get one dad. Once he is gone

There’s no getting a new one!

So dad what I’m trying to say

Is through everything that’s happened

I love you always and forever!

I wish you all the blessings

And happiness in the world!

June 8th 2008

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