The biggier picture

The biggier picture

All I want is for my sister

To realize how special

Having a child is.

Sure it’s not easy

To have a kid as

Far as I know it

Never has been easy.

Yes you have to give up

a lot. but I feel she laid

Down and make a baby

She should be woman

Enough raise him. And not

Tell my grandmaw she’s

Going out or call and say

She won’t be coming

Home  tonight. If you

Ask me she has no respect

For herself by the way she acts

And no guy will ever

Respect her as long as she

acts that way

they’ll get what

They can from her and push her

Aside. She needs to stop

Relying on grams to take

Care of her baby and okay

I know I wasn’t responsible

In making this baby but I’m going

Raised it. Grams won’t live forever

Nobody will! I see woman on tv

That would give almost anything

To get pregnant but they can’t she better

Be thinking god she’s not of them!!

God could take her  baby away as fast as

He created it!

May 29th 2008

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