The family we thought knew.

The family we thought knew.

My aunt died

Awhile back in Oct

In  fact. It was a

Hard time  for us all

But we knew she’s in a

Better  place watching

Over us all and doing her

Best to keep us safe from

Harm! I’ll admit I

Told everybody I

Will probably

Never go back into her

House.  But all her girls

Say the house is like a safe

Haven for them and that maybe

The case. If so why don’t

They go  see their daddy a few

Times a week? and make he has

Food to eat? Why are they making their daddy

Buy flowers to go on their mom’s grave?

It makes no  sense to me as to why they

Would want to act this way toward their

Daddy. My aunt just knew they

Were going to look at their daddy

After she was gone! That’s

How they were raised to look after the sick

My uncle is sick he has 2 types of

Cancer he can barely walk

He drives even though

He doesn’t  need too.

All I can say is my aunt is

Probably ashamed  and

Disappointed in them

May 28th 2008

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