She never ask for anything.

mom's poems

She never ask for anything.

All mom and daughters

Argue and bitter at each

Other daily or me

And my mom do

Anyways. I see it

As releasing

Steam to let go

Of the things that  

Upset us the most

And focus on how much

We love and care for one

Another. We only get one

Mother and father in this

World there’s no bringing

Them back! We can’t

Just say I’m sorry for

The way I rebelled against

You please forgive me.

We have to deal with the

Fact  god will take them from

Us eventually so we better make the

Most of the time we have together

It won’t last forever!

Until god calls us to heaven

To with him and them.

I see my mom cry out in pain

Everyday it hurts me so bad

And makes me so sad that I

Can’t make it disappear for her

And let her be pain free.

I know she thinks

I never talk about her

But I talk about her in a

Lot of ways everyday!

It rips me a part  in

Inside to  think of what

All she does for me everyday!

And she ask for anything back!

I wish I could give her everything

She has ever wanted in life! I will say

This if I decide to  one day

Become a mother I hope I’m

Half the mother she has been

To me!

May 14th 2008

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