Just when you think you’re in the clear

Just when you think you’re in the clear

I thought I could celebrate

Happily with all the

Weather changes

Going on lately

With me not having

Any major problems with sinuses.

I was dancing around

In my mind I thought

The strange weather

Almost over. Then it

Hit me big time!! Sinus

Drainage made me feel

As if I’d be better off if

I went and sit in the

Middle of the road

And let a car kill me

Full blast I know it

Sounds bad by me saying that

But that’s how I felt at

The time  I’ve learned one

Thing for  sure don’t ever

Think or  say anything about

You not having sinuses in a

Long while if you do they’ll

Hear you. They hunt you down

Till they catch you    

March 18th 2009

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