The reason

brian's poems

The reason

I didn’t reply

To your offline message

When you  were asking

Why I sent the poem I wrote

About us and sent it to everybody?

I didn’t sent it to

Everybody just the people

Who enjoy reading my poetry.

I’m not mad or anything

At you anymore. I just

Wanted you to realize

That just because

I’m disabled  doesn’t I

Can’t get you back

I can see how you

Probably thought I’d

Never find out

And you  could maybe

pull the blinders over

My eyes. I wanted

You to see just because

You dated a girl who’s

Disabled that doesn’t make her

heart Unbreakable

by doing or saying

Stupid things doesn’t mean

They won’t  find away to make

You pay. I have no regrets

About the stuff I did with  you

I was in love I probably will have a

Place in my heart with your name on it.

I’m sorry everything between us

Has ended so brutal you

Never know maybe

We’ll be friends again


April 23rd 2008

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