You thought I was blind to your charm

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You thought I was blind to your charm

You talked me

Into giving you a chance

Even though I had my

Doubts from the start

Because I know

How most guys are along with

What they’re all about.

But I guess I hoped this time

Would be different. It

Was a dream for awhile

But I found out that quote

“If it seems too good to be

True it probably true”

Especially with a guy like

You.  You thought you

Could just do whatever

You wanted too

And I would never know

Anything about it.

But what you

Didn’t know is

I had a little birdy

Tell me everything

In detail so

I was on to your head

Games.  But you knew

Just what to say to get me

To forgive you. What did

Me in was when you were

Talking to this girl your

Best friend introduced you too

And you were wanting to date

Her. but you protested you

Wanted to get back with me.

I felt that was so disrespectful

Of you to do me that way.

As a woman and your best friend

Especially when you assured

Me you wanted to get back with me.

So that’s why I don’t want nothing else

To do with you because your lack of

respect for me. Even though

I love you and probably always will

I know I shouldn’t be treated that

Way by a guy

April 17th 2008

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