The Travolta tragedy!

The Travolta tragedy!

John Travolta and wife

Kelley suffered a tragedy

That no parents hopes to face

And that’s the loss of a child

Every parent hopes their

Children will bury them

But  sometimes that’s

Not always the case.

Even though we

Don’t always understand

Why things like this happen We have to remember

Everything happens for reason even though we

Might not understand

What they reason is

At that time. God always

Shows us his reasons

For it later on in our lives.

I have seizures sometimes

But I’m never scared when

I have  one big or small

They make me very sore

But I’m not scared of them

At all because  I know I won’t

Draw my last breath in life Until  god feels it’s my time

Just as you  does everybody My thoughts and prayers are With the Travolta family!  I just know in my heart some Big blessings are going to come to them

In a major way even though their son’s with god now

He’ll always be with them in their souls!

Jan 8th 2009

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