I figured it out I’m sure

I figured it out I’m sure

I’ve often wondered

Why god has kept me

Alive this long?

And didn’t take me?

Instead of a number of

My family members

And dear friends

That will forever

Hold a special place

Inside my heart!

Today I think god sent my

Answer. When I was eating a family

Member pointed out I had salad dressing

All on my face they said you’re

Going to take a bath in

That salad dressing aren’t you?

I smiled and said maybe.

I said does everybody

At this table love me? Mom

Said of course we do! I said so does it matter

About the amount food I get on my face?

This person said yes! Mom said well

It’s never bothered me or your dad

I just give you a rag and tell you

Tell you to wipe your face!

I just wish my family would

Realize they need to stop

Worrying so much about what

I do things or how I live

My life! Instead

They need to stop

And look at themselves

through the glass

And ask themselves

Does god, my friends my family

And myself all really love

The person I am? Instead

Of always judging others like

Myself with disabilities!

On that note I know why god has

Kept me here to educate some

Of my family about people with


March 4th 2008

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