It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter

There’s a lot of things I know

I never will be able

To do as good as

Others can. I need some

Assistant With a lot of things

That’s no secret nor will

Ever be to anybody

Because I’m always

Been up front and

Honest about the fact

That was born with CP.

Yes the fact that I have

A disability Frustrates me.

As it Would anybody with  a

Disability at some point

I’m sure. But this was the hand I

Was dealt in life.


That takes the time

To get to know me

Knows I don’t let me

Having a disability define

Me as a person. So what if

I drop food on my clothes

And spill things now and

Again. I’m not happy about it

But everybody has accidents

Once in awhile. Mom telling me

It doesn’t any good to put clean

Clothes on you as doesn’t help me any

  As if I don’t already

Feel bad enough

When my hands slip or loose

Their grip. Mom and everybody

Needs to know the

People that care

about me and love me

Love me for me.

They’ll never care

About how many times

I spill stuff they see me

For me they don’t see

My disability all they’ll

Ever see is me!

Feb 29th 2008

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