I feel I’m in a dream!

brian's poems

I feel I’m in a dream!

Even though I wore

To myself and the world

I never get a boyfriend.

I’m grateful everyday!

That I listen to god that

Day I met you and god said

It’s okay he won’t play you

Cause he’s been played a

Few times as well! I’m thankful

For god sending one of his angels

To convince me to give you a

Chance instead of turning away like

I started to do. my first thought of

Every guy has always been guys

Are all the same all they’re looking for

Is a good laid. When you came again

You really changed my views on guys

Yes I know a good bit of men in this

World are jackasses. But not you

You’ve proven that not all guys are

Out to what they can from me.

That you just want to loved as much

As me. You don’t try to play games with me or

my heart. You mean every word you say to me

Just like all the words I say to you are truly

From my heart! Talking to shawn and eddie

Has made me realized how much I love you

And how deep my feelings are for you and how

They’re getting even deeper as the hours past

And the days move on! I’m honored and blessed

By your love because

You think I’m worthy

Enough to be your woman

And the best part is you

Said you’d be my

Valentine! I got news for

You I’ll be your valentine

As long as you let me!

Ps I hope it’s forever

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