I know you tried

brian's poems

I know you tried

I know you and I

Both were looking

Forward to you visiting me

Once again. After all

The trouble you had with

Your car and everything

I’m thinking okay he

Probably won’t ever

Want to see my face

Or hear my voice ever

Again. But I’m happy you

Proved me wrong once again.

Each time you make plans to

Visit and the plans don’t go through

Like we both hoped they would. It’s ok

Yes it sucks that we don’t get to chat face to face

Hold hands kiss and those things. But the truth is the

More we’re apart the more It makes me realize just

How much I only want you for man until the end. You

Didn’t let me down by not being able to visit today.

If anything you made me love you more I know

You’re willing to do whatever it might take to come

Visit me and that means more then I could ever begin to say!

Dec 29th 2007

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