Merry Christmas my nanny


Marry Christmas my nanny

Even though you’re

No longer with us

In body I know you’ll

Always be us in spirit.

Everybody says your

Gone but I know you’ll

NEVER leave me or

Any of us.  I’ll always

Carry you with me in

Everything I do you’ll

Always have a major

Of every choice I make

In my life. there are

Somedays I break down

Crying because I want to

Hug, kiss, and touch you

Again. I swear when I

Have those days

I feel your arms

Around me holding me

Saying I’m healed now I’m

In no more pain. I hear your

Voice say I might not be with you

In body any longer but I’ll

Always watch over you

Protect you and keep you safe!

I’m very happy in my life

I hope this happiness last

Forever thanks for watching

Over us all marry Christmas

Light up all of heaven

With the light from your eyes

And smile!

I love you my nanny

Dec 20th 2007

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